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-good work ! -i m happy to see u working like that! -that is much ,much better ! -exactly right ! -i m proud of the way u r worked today !-one more time u ii ve it ! -u really make my job fun ! -that is the right way to do it ! During the training session, she shared insight into the best ways for us to welcome our guests to Chicago - many of the very same things she put into practice as a hotel concierge.But, only two different ways to say Thank you Merci and Merci beaucoup. In French, the common De rien Sometimes, the best way to respond is with a good ol sarcastic acceptance.Who knew there were so many ways to say yes in English?We hope this has helped you to navigate the different ways to say yes. 7. You are very good at that. 8. Thats coming along nicely. 9. Good work! 10. Im happy to see your working like that. 11. Thats much, much better! 12. Exactly right. 13. Im proud of the way you worked today. Formal good bye. English speakers like a lot of variety in their everyday language. We have lots of different expressions for saying simple things."Goodbye" itself is actually one of the most formal ways to say goodbye to someone. 80 Ways to Say "Very Good" in English - ESL Buzz. "Very good" is pretty common, and there are many different ways to say the same type of thing. Example : William is very fond of his pet dog.

4. It appeals to me : it sounds good Example : Settling in England appeals to me.Spoken English Lessons - Niharika ( ESL ) Сезон 3 Серия 17 Different ways to say Thank you.

There are many different reasons why you might need to tell someone that you understand whatThis is very similar to the above, but by saying I hear you show that you are really listening andThese are both good ways to reassure someone that you understand their feelings and point of view Other ways to say: Nice, Good, Bad, Sad, Happy, Pretty - learn English,vocabulary,communication,english. What do you think of my fiction book writing? the aspiring novelist extorted. Darn, the editor hectored, in turn. When you say, This pizza is good, you mean something very different from when you say, Hes a good person, or Shes a good teacher.Tags:say good different ways, synonyms words, ways to say good. Related Posts. Adjectives. 100 Most Frequently Used English Idioms. Огромная библиотека аудио, видео и текстовых материалов для изучения английского языка. Покори английский с Lingualeo! As the situation become more serious, we kind of have to say much more when we aplogoize. For example when we injure someone by mistake, we say im so sorry or im very sorry. In this case if the person who got hurt want to respond he can says i forgive you or all is forgiven. Most votes.Most answers. No selected answer. When somebody asks you How are you?, there are many different ways to say that we feel well. 10 expressions to Use In Speaking And WritingCouldnt be better. Fit as a fiddle. Very well, thanks. Okay. Now some more attractive way to say it like below:- Enjoy this beautiful morning and stay blessed.

A very cheerful morning to you, Enjoy itRelated Questions. What is a fancy way to say morning? How do I say good morning in different way? While I do agree that a more varied vocabulary sounds better, not everyone aspires to communicate with the most elegant of prose. No amount of whining on your part will fix that. Pingback: 1. 40 ways to say awesome « Sticky Communication. Its meaning changes slightly when it is used in different ways. When speakers use okay as a noun, they usually mean "approval or permission."A: Should we order the salad? B: No, it does not look very good. A: Okay, but I would like to eat some kind of vegetable. Choose -- and use -- one of these 99 ways to say "Very Good" to your students.This reference work features more than 1,500 biographies of women from many different historical periods. If youve ever read or been a part of a forum on the subject, you know that it has been decided that using | n ho isnt a very native way to greet someone in Chinese. But relaaaaax — if you have been strictly using Ni Hao, its no big deal. But if you really want to sound more native Posted by vocabularyhomeadmin on February 23, 2017 in General. Many Different Ways to Say Very Good. Follow the list Please find below many ways to say Very good in different languages. This is the translation of the word " Very good" to over 80 other languages.Saying Very good in Middle-Eastern Languages. Language. Ways to say Very good. 8. Have a nice day or Have a good . These are pleasant, polite ways to say goodbye to someone you dont know very well.Feel free to play around with these different ways to say goodbye and see which ones you like the most. The most frequent and easy way to say goodbye in Mandarin is going to sound very familiar toNow that you know 10 different ways to say goodbye in Mandarin, youre ready to end any conversation that ends your way!Try the best way to learn Chinese today Ninchanese is free to use. Sign up. "Stupid" is pretty common, and there are many different ways to say the same type of thing. Weve got a few popular ones for you here. If you have a favorite, let us know on Facebook or Twitter, at dictionarycom. more. Contact Author. 30 cute ways to say "good morning". Sometimes, simply saying good morning doesntNow that you know of cute ways to say good morning, isnt it time to figure out different ways of saying goodnight?Nitu ojha 2 years ago. very happy. good morning. About Us. The word okay can act as a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb. Its meaning changes slightly when it is used in different ways.B: No, it does not look very good. A: Okay, but I would like to eat some kind of vegetable. Once again, okay serves the purpose of acknowledging what another person says. Todays lesson will help you to have different ways to say thank you whenThanks alot for sharing this lession and it is very helpful for daily life activities, and here I saw so many ways to respond our gratitude. In the above story, you can see many different synonyms for the word cool.If speaking like a native is important to you, then you must learn these different ways to say cool.Usage Notes: Very informal. The shit is a good thing, but just shit is a bad thing. Many Different Ways to Say "VERY GOOD". Previous PostPreviousNext PostNext. Besides some simple greeting words such as Hello or Hi, there are many different ways to say hello to someone in English.Wow, its so good to see you again! What have you been up to? Useful responses when greeting people. Im doing very well, thank you. 200 Ways to Say Went. When a Preposition Is an Adverb. Myth Buster: How Many Sentences Must a Paragraph Have?Thank you very much for this eye opener. You are simply the best. keep up the good work. Im going to teach you formal and informal ways to say goodbye. This is such an easy word that many students ignore different possibilities.Have a good one is a casual very popular way to say bye. You can say have a good day or have a good week, or be a bit more casual and say have a good Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WPError as array in /home2/jjimenez/publichtml/wp-content/plugins/easy-popular-posts/easy-popular-posts.php on line 127. This article does the same for different ways to say "goodbye".Say "Have a good day" (or "Have a nice day," "Have a good evening," or "Have a good night") to someone that youre not very close with, like a coworker that you dont know well"Bye" is the most common way to say goodbye in English. Take a look at 5 of the many different ways of saying that something is very goodNow you have 5 great, awesome, fantastic, excellent and superb ways to avoid always saying very good! If you would like to read other similar articles Click here! To say Merci between events that involves gratitude is not only a cultural behavior but, is also the most basic way to say thank you or thanks in French.Bien is meant to be used as well, good, and very. I understood many many ways of saying good bye.Thank you so much Alex, Your way to explain is very good for beginer! Sunday, September 4th 2011. Reply to this comment. Theres no better way to show your gratitude than by being willing to return the favor when the opportunity arises. So, posing this question is an immediate way to show that youre more than ready act on your appreciationAs you already know, saying and showing are two very different things. What are some different phrases/ ways to say good morning in English? Thanks (: Follow. 7 answers 7.Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. How many ways of encouraging your students can you name? Great!, Well Done!, Good Job. Excellent! Any more? Well, here you go - 99 ways to show your students that you know they have done something well. Enjoy! In Japanese, there are at least 20 different ways. One of the most casual and most frequently used words is "gomen" . You can make it more formal by saying "gomen-nasai" or more friendly with "gomen-ne" . "Warui warui" or "my bad" is also a very casual You are very good at that. Thats coming along very nicely. Thats much better.Not a traditional thinker when it comes to problem solving or inventing new ideas - thinks many different ways from all angles. 1. Umai (). This is very casual but also is a very widely used word to say Oishii.But it is not a good idea just to say (Oishii aji desu ne) or (Amai aji desuThere are many ways to say delicious in Japanese and we tend to use different expressions depending on Different goodbye alternatives express different emotions, and can be used in every setting.Goodbye itself is one of the most formal ways to say goodbye, whereas informally it is very commonly shortened to By far and away the most common way to say goodbye is simply to shorten the word goodbye.You wouldnt say It was nice to see you again to your best friend who you see every day. One more time and youll have it. You really make my job fun. Thats the right way to do it. 10-01-2012, 05:18 PM. : MANY DIFFERENT WAYS TO SAY "VERY GOOD. There are many different types of talent in the world. Some people are naturally good at academic subjects such as math or languages, and others are particularlyIf it is a compliment about something they are good at and really like to do, they will be very happy to hear you say good things about them. French people are used to wishing so many different things when they say goodbye that I just dont know how to vary my vocabulary in English apart from "goodbye", "see you", "see you next x", "have a good week-end".Some are indeed very common but one also improvises a lot. Well! many different ways, but you are just not expanding your vocabulary and simply say I Like It! dont you?a very formal way to say I like it.14. I fancy him/her : you think someone is attractive/good looking. Example : Racheal fancies Brad Pitt. There are many different ways to say " happy".blessed - We are very very blessed - to have a safe place to live, so many people in the world dont have any place to live.fortunate - I hope all dogs are fortunate enough to get a good home. radiant - You look so radiant today. A bit from everything. 353. Many different ways to say "Very good".People react differently to the many colors combinations around them. The list below gives information about the psychological reaction most people associate with the main colors.

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