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The Unemployment Rate in Spain, Since the great recession of 2008, the unemployment rate in Spain skyrocketed to a high of 27 in 2013, but as of 2016, the unemployment rate for Spain is currently 21.Autonomous cities. Todays Unemployment Rate. The United States figures chart refer to individuals who have applied to unemployed individuals who meet eligibility requirements. The United States Labor Board reports todays figures by city and by state. Unemployment Rates for Metropolitan Areas, Atlantic City-Hammonton, Local Area Unemployment Statistics Information and AnalysisData for Cities and CDPs is limited to not seasonally adjusted labor force and unemployment rates. (no city file From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Unemployment Rate in Spain, Since the great recession of 2008, the unemployment rate in Spain skyrocketed to a high of 27 in 2013, but as of 2016, the unemployment rate for Spain is currently 21. This chart shows the 20 cities in the Centre for Cities database with the highest unemployment rates as of 2011. Weve colour coded them by country: maroon is Spain, blue is Italy, and as it turned out we didnt need any more colours because look Spain.Holy See (Vatican City). NA.NOTE: The information regarding Unemployment rate() 2015 on this page is re-published from the CIA World Factbook 2015. Spain unemployment rate Total Unemployed Spain / Total labour force Spain. If you want to compare the unemployment of Spain with other countries, see unemployment . They are 23.1 percent of Spains unemployed population and their numbers are continuing to grow with each passing year. In the first quarter of 2014, Spains unemployment rate fell to 25.

73 percent, down from a record high of 26.94 percent last year. Unemployment Rate Spain April 2012 | Visual.ly thumbnails-visually.netdna-ssl.com. Italys youth unemployment just hit a new record high static-ssl.businessinsider.com. U.S. Cities vs. European Countries: How Do They Rank cdn.theatlantic.

com. Espaol (Spanish).Area Unemployment Rates. The State Labor Department is your source for employment data in every region of the state. Youll find information broken down by major metropolitan areas as well as by county. An extra 187,300 people have joined Spains jobless queue bringing the total to 5.97 million people. At the opposite end of the scale, the highest unemployment rates were registered in Dytiki Makedonia (31.3) in Greece, Ciudad Autnoma de Melilla (30.8) in Spain, Dytiki Ellada (29.8) in Greece, Andaluca (28.9) and Extremadura (27.5) in Spain and Mayotte (27.1 In the 2017 September quarter, the unemployment rate in the Lismore City was 6.07. The unemployment rate is derived from the ABS labour force survey and Centrelink data and compiled by the Department of Employment. Change City. Johannesburg.People attend a mass demonstration called by Spains two main trade unions, CCOO and UGT to protest the countrys huge unemployment rate. Unemployment Rates - world statistics and charts as map, diagram and table. Percentage of the labor force that is without jobs in the countries of the world.2003 est. 40. Spain. 19.7. 2016 est. The U.S. labor market has improved remarkably in recent years, as the unemployment rate has fully returned to pre-recession levels. The national unemployment rate reached 4.7 in December, the same as it was in November 2007, the month before the recession officially began. SPAIN has ended 2009 with the highest jobless rate in the Eurozone. Statistics released yesterday by Eurostat reveal that the unemployment rate went up in the Eurozone in November by 10 per cent.The city hall is also looking "Spain has the largest unemployment rate in the euro area and one of the largest unemployment rates in the world," noted Javier Diaz-Gimenez, professor of economics at the IESE Business School in Madrid.Spains unemployment rate is more than 20 percent. United States Report: Unemployment Rate. Related Reports.City Report. Population. Unemployment Rate. National Rank. 1. The unemployment rate in Spain increased to 16.55 percent in the last three months of 2017 from an upwardly revised 16.39 percent in the previous period which was the lowest since 2008. Figures came above market expectations of 16.15 percent. Germanys unemployment rate rose slightly in March to 12 percent, the highest rate since the end of World War II. The number of jobless people in the country fell by 40,000 in the month, to a total of 5.17 million, but the rate rose because of adjustments for seasonal variations in employmentSpain. The unemployment rate in Spain and other countries is defined as the number of unemployed people as percent of the labor force.There are always people who move between different sectors of the economy or between cities. When the economy goes into recession, then unemployment can reach Number of unemployed people in Spain, by economic sector 2008 to 2016.Unemployment rate in the Spanish autonomous city of Melilla from 1st quarter 2013 to 1st quarter 2017. The FINANCIAL -- Spains unemployment rate edged higher in the first quarter from the previous three months, as an accelerating economy failed to offset seasonal job losses, according to Nasdaq. Chart 1. Youth unemployment rate ( of under-25s unemployed).Spain: youth unemployment rate by educational attainment() 60. Madrids jobless queue to enter a city job centre.

Spains unemployment rate is the highest in the eurozone according to the latest figures. Photograph: Juan Medina/REUTERS. Unemployment Rates by Country. By Joseph A. Dallegro | Updated February 16, 2018 — 4:44 PM EST.Wherever they are, their unemployment rates are stunning ranging from 0.1 to 1.0 and all best the U.S. by a considerable margin. Spain Unemployment Rate historical data, charts, stats and more. Spain Unemployment Rate is at 16.55, compared to 16.38 last quarter and 18.63 last year. This is lower than the long term average of 16.56 Spains unemployment rate has hit a modern day record, and joblessness among young people has topped 55. Official data showed that the jobless rate in the last three months of 2012 rose 1 to 26, or 5.97 million people. Spanish unemployment rate 18.60 vs. 18.70 forecast By Investing.com - Jan 26, 2017. Investing.com - The unemployment rate in Spain fell more-than-expected last month, official data showed on Thursday.In a report For the first year 24 the Kingdom of Spain in November 2013, the unemployment rate began to decline according Ministirstva employment and social services in Spain. Spain ES.Is your city on the list? Click Here To See The Cities >. NOTE: The Census report does not include smaller cities where unemployment rates may be much lower. Mountain-Plains (Kansas City). West (San Francisco). Regional Overview.Last Updated: August 1, 2013. International Unemployment Rates and Employment Indexes, Seasonally Adjusted, 2009-2013. The unemployment rate, however, fell short of market expectations of a further decline to 16.2 in Q4.For 2019, the panel foresees an unemployment rate of 14.6. Spain - Unemployment Data. At-a-glance: Spanish Fork city, UT (November 2017). Not Seasonally Adjusted. Rate ().Not Seasonally Adjusted. Area. Rate. Unemployment. Employment. Labor Force. The EU28 unemployment rate was 7.3 in January 2018, stable compared to the previous month and down 0.8 point compared to last year.The highest unemployment rates were observed in Greece (20.9) and Spain (16.3). The unemployment rate in the UK is currently quite low about 4.5.Policies to reduce unemployment in Spain. 1. Boost Aggregate Demand.Education and Training. A lot of unemployment is focused amongst young people in inner cities. Facts and statistics about the Unemployment rate of Spain.Unemployment rate: 17.1 (2017 est.) 19.6 (2016 est.) Definition: This entry contains the percent of the labor force that is without jobs. For those under-25, the unemployment rate in Spain was 43.8.[135] Unemployment has risen in two-thirds of European countries since 2010.[136].In 2012, Chicago was listed as a global city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. Chicago has the third-la. WikiAnswers science math history literature technology health law business All Sections. Careers. Answers.com WikiAnswers Categories Travel Places Countries, States, and Cities Spain What is the unemployment rate of Spain? Although the unemployment rate is improving, data varies greatly by region. A new report examines the latest figures and breaks down the cities with the highest and lowest unemployment rates nationwide. Unemployment Rate Spain By City. Loading Unemployment Rate Spain. Posted on January 27, 2012 by townsend.For those under age 25, the rate hit a whopping 48.5 percent, and the institute also reported that Spain now has 1.6 million households in which no one has work Unemployment is a worldwide problem but in Spain it is higher than in other Western European countries. Unemployment fell to 8 between 2006 and 2007 but from the Spanish economic crisis of 2008 the rate quickly rose past 20 in 2010 and 25 in 2012. Unemployment rate is the number of unemployed people as a percentage of the labour force, where the latter consists of the unemployed plus those in paid or self-employment. Unemployed people are those who report that they are without work Spains Unemployment Rate is updated quarterly, available from Sep 1976 to Dec 2017, with an average rate of 17.27 . The data reached an all-time high of 26.94 in Mar 2013 and a record low of 4.41 in Sep 1976. The Unemployment Rate by Country is calculated by dividing the total number of unemployed workers by the total labour force in a country, and we expressed the result in a percentage ().Spain. Figure 4: Rate of youth unemployment in Spain, by age groups and gender, 2012 (). 60. Ceuta and Melilla Automous cities. Source: National Labour Force Survey (2 quarter, except 2012, first quarter). Spain has all the characteristics that of wealthy country but at the same time it deals with a staggering 25 unemployment rate which equals to those of third world countries. After Greece, comes Spain, with an unemployment rate of 21.4.Canadian Cities by Unemployment Rate. Home Ownership Rate by State. Countries by Rate of Urbanization.

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