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Click the above button to open a new window. In addition to using this code within your web pages, you can also use it within your HTML ebooks, as long as your software supports JavaScript. Place the following code where you would like the JavaScript button to appear Add an event to the button handled by javascript, when clicked, pop up a new windowAutomatically focus on the button when page loads. HTML5 only. disabled. The following link works well to open a new window to a specified webpage.And I dont really see any pros or cons of specifying links in the first parameter. if you use a button, you can add the url as the first parameter of the function and ignore the target and href attributes unsupported by You can use the following HTML code to close a window within your website. This can be handy on popup windows.That is, a different window to the one that the "Close" button is located on.Related. Open Link in New Window. The new window receives some HTML, and then attempts to parse it into a visible document.This code offers the viewer several display options for the new window that will open when the button is pressed. The Tutorial illustrate an example from HTML Button size. In this Tutorial we create a HTML page, which display you HTML Button with attribute width and height specified. How do I make a button open up my calendar program in a new window on the same screen?Initially set display:none for the div containing calender.

Add html element -> add script to it such than onClick it toggles display:none. Modified Code Here in result page also there is submit button (means here user can save data). I can open new window, but is it advisable to open new window to get result.And as this has nothing to do with JSP, its been moved to the HTML forum. The method, which allows you to open up new browser window without navigating away from