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Im trying to display code but everything is showed in one line. How can I display multiline code tag? This is my code: index.html. Infobubble border 1px solid 444 padding 20px display inline - block position absolute z - index 1015 background - color fff opacity 0 transition.Contains plot summary, reviews, trailer, cast. . . html title new line character One way to get them to display is to convert them to the HTML line break character through use of the nl2br function.this is my. text. with new line characters. Ask a question. Amd
will both work, however is the most correct way to do it. if you are breaking your writing into paragraphs, skip the and just put

on either side of your paragraphs, it will look much better. When displaying the web page, browsers collapse and ignore, spaces, tabs and new line characters in the HTML. You might have spent a lot of time formatting a document using spaces only to be surprised at its display in a browser. the new line character i.e n fails in mozilla firefox but works in Chrome. I am working on a notifications bar that displays all friend requests a user received as well as notes posted to him etc. The newline character (octal code 012) is displayed by starting a new line.If the variable ctl-arrow is nil, control characters in the buffer are displayed with octal escape sequences, except for newline and tab. Lets see how we can display source code using