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The downloads folder will hold sims 3 packs and you can install the content through the launcher.Once you have created a Downloads folder you place your custom content in the Downloads folder. It is best to keep your CC organized and put it in subfolders within your Downloads folder like put the Its been a while since I used the Sims and installed custom content, I got the Super Collection for my Macbook Retina pro and Ive set up the downloads folder and put the Aspyr Sims 2 folder in my finder sidebar so its easy to get to. But you should NOT put downloaded Sims there, you should put it in the Downloads folder.Ive dealt with reinstalls before, keeping my neighborhoods and custom content intact. But that wasnt cause I had a problem, moreso I needed to reformat my whole computer XD. Where do I put the sims2packs? If I double click on them, they ask for an app to open them with?I made the folder and put my skins inside of it, but theyre not showing up in the game, even when I enable custom content. If I try to put a folder labled cc into my downloads folders, when the downloads folder is opened the custom content integrates its contents into the downloads folder.The content that goes in there is installed through the launcher. The files there should end in. ". sims3pack" Theres no reason or use in How to install sims 3 cc-how to install sims 3 custom content-how to install sims 3 downloads.Oh, if you dont have a folder called SavedSims, you can just make one and put the file(s) in there. Easy! --- UNIVERSITIES: Sim State University Requires: University Install instructions: Put in your -INSTALL LOCATION-The Sims 2I have double checked and triple checked to make sure I put them in the OFB folders.My question is can I make another custom subhood without my game exploding? xD. I) What is custom content what should I keep in mind when downloading them? The Sims-franchise games always enjoyed a popularity, that has inspired some of its fans to come up with custom-made game content on their own. The process of installing custom content in The Sims 4 is relatively easy.If it is cc or mods put it in the mods folder. If you dont have any of the folders make them in the sims 4 folder which should be in your documents.

more Hey :) , Im trying to download some cool community lots and i wanted to know what folder i put it in after i go to My Documents/EA games/Sims2/ do i put it in My Downloads folder ? or iswhere does it show up on my game and what do i do when i want to download custom content houses . Custom whims for Sims to throw a funeral (after viewing the death of another Sim).You may put it in one subfolder, but make sure the folder doesnt have any special characters inWhen youre in the game, navigate to Gallery, then open the My Library, and tick "include custom content" to find the Lot. I cant find the Custom Content in my launcher. Ive looked many times. Spoiler.Spoiler. You can simply remove all of the .dbc files from your DCCache folder and ALL CC except Store, households/Sims/lots will be gone. But today Im back with my very first custom content for The Sims 4. So Im really excited!How to install: Put the saves folder (and everything included) in your Document/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4 to replace the current one. Download me for no two sims with the same name ever again!As soon as you put it in your downloads folder it will be working, but as your game only spawnsWith this, you can townify all your custom content without having to immediately learn to use anything as complicated as SimPE. There are several ways to install custom content in The Sims 2, it depends on the kind of files you download.

Dont worry, you dont have to open .package files, just put them in your Downloads folder. The game will read them autonomously. First move the entire The Sims 3 folder to where you want. For example in D: Sims3. Do not leave a The Sims 3 folder behind, if it is there the next step will fail.Can I put the custom content on an external drive? Hot Network Questions. Sims 4 Studio. A 2D editor able to manage alpha images (.png or .dds). Set up folder add custom .packages.4. Put any custom content item you want to recolor into the Mods folder you just opened. They cannot be placed in subfolders under SavedSims, but by placing sim-related content in SavedSims (and renaming the files) you can keep yourself fairly well organized even if you cant put those items in folders. Includes custom content frombirgit, holysimoly, rose sims2 and peggy sims 2.Nice to see that EA has put an end to this pay site garbage and lets people who do pay for it distribute it to people who dont want to spend money on it . In The Sims, different types of custom content are placed in different folders, depending on their file type. There is no need to do anything to the content files other than place them in the correct folders. Here is a list of Sims 1 and 2 Custom Content DLs.The owner of this page not in any way affiliated with Hetalia-Sims on LiveJournal, the deviantART community or elsewhere, nor did I create any of the custom content that is shown on this blog. You could write an custom content processor to handle your level files, but it is probably overkill. This has the advantage that you can "compile" the levels to some format that would be more difficult for a user to modify. go to My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2. then create a new folder and name it "Downloads" put everything you download for the sims 2 into this folder.I do not know of the above mentioned website, but I do know a few places who have really good custom content for Sims 2. One is I have downloaded so many things, and none of them have worked when i just put them in the downloads folder, but with this, everythingWritten at 00:09 on Sunday, 11 February 2007 by Phoebe (Sims2Lover). I keep trying to install custom content but everytime i double click on it, it says that i Sims2 a sims sims from they and installed ive hi using sims 2 custom content installer Results 1 - 10 of 12 But you were smart and put the content folder on your desktop. I extracted te files, put the packages files into the Mods folder, and in the game options menu I checked to enable custom content.I am Peacemaker IC and I am a creator of sims custom content (currently TS4). heeyy guys :| I need help Ive downloaded and installed custom content for my sims 2 game.just so people know-to people who have sims 2 double delux-i have figured out the problem. u have to actually put the cutsom content u downloaded no into The Sims 2 folder but into the Double Deluxe folder The Sims 2 Other The Sims Games. custom content is enabled in the game. They are all package files and I have been putting them into my mods folder but. as well with my custom content not showing up in my game. . (uses sims 2 clean installer for sims 3 files).PACKAGE files still not Sims 2 Tutorial: I show you a website where you can download custom content from and how to properly install it into The Sims 2. (Yes, the method works withMove the extracted file(s) into the The Sims 2 Downloads folder. If its a Sims2Pack, you need to double click on it and it will install itself. If its a .package, then simply placing it in your Downloads folder should work.Answered. Where do you download custom content to? This gives you some flexibility in what you do with your custom content.Of course, another way to use the Overrides folder is to put my Custom Food OBJK overrides in the Overrides folder, and install the Custom Food itself into the ModsPackages folder (or via sims3packs). How do I install custom content files? It all depends on the type of file you have downloaded.3. Put the downloaded .sim file into the SavedSims folder. You can uninstall the files by deleting them (.package and . sim only) or via launcher (.sims3pack only). My Sims 2 Downloads Folder-DOWNLOAD!!Installing Custom Content and Mods for the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection On Windows PC - Продолжительность: 13:28 XCultureSimsX 6 194 просмотра. How Do I Make Custom Content? Terms Conditions for Sims 1 Content.Please be aware that you should only be putting download files into your local content game folders - you are looking for a folder called EA Games located in your User folder or your My Documents directory. This is for littlemotorkitty, and anyone else with a passion for The Sims :D. Setting Up for Custom Content (CC).Inside the Packages folder, I have folders for Hair, Clothes, Objects, Poses, Other and a folder called Keep Up To Date. Put any hair you download into the Hair folder. I downloaded Sims 4, (I had played it before on other laptops) and I wanted to put custom content in my game, like always. But I searched and I couldnt find the mods folder anywhere in the Electronic Arts/The Sims 4. I also couldnt find the. There are a few things that you need before you can start downloading custom content. The first, are two folders.The Resource.cfg i put it in: Contents/ Resources/transgaming/cdrive/Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3 Not in the mods/package file i created. So my question is this: how do I install sims3packs without the Launcher, specifically houses and Riverview? Im using Delphys Multi-Extracter (link in comments) to convert clothing and objects custom content into .packages butIll have a try of putting them the The Sims 3/Library folder. Thank you. How do I put sims 2 downloads into my game?All of them go in the Downloads folder. In your documents, click on EA games/ Sims 2/Downloads and put. The Sims 2 has a setting which allows you to disable Custom Content in-game.

Ask. Hiding adult-oriented contentShowing adult-oriented content. Grid View List View. 2.I had to put interior from TS3 Vorn P328 into it. I hope youll enjoy it guys. And it may be the only chance to see a sim in this car :P. -I have the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection 2. Do you use Windows 10? What computer do you have and whatTayler Parks: its weird but i dont have a downloads folder for my mods. Any suggestions?Please help (I have the custom content catalogs display on)Edit: I only have the basegame. Content.Adding custom music to The Sims 2. TutorialsAuthor: AmericanXplorer13Published: Nov 02, 2007Views: 26046.Oncethere, double-click on The Sims 2. After youre in youre The Sims 2folder, open the folder labeled music. FelixDied: what about the pre order and store items? can i put them all in the folder collections?Joree Besougloff: hi, LuvCultureGirl, I dont have WinRAR, I have 7-zip and I try to use it to extract my mod the sims 2 zip file custom content, and then I open the sims 2 pack clean installer, but no What is Custom Content or Mods? So we say the objects in sims 3 are as content right? Telephones,shelves,clothes,makeup allIt doesnt matter what icon the file is as long as it has the file type .cfg (configuration file) and put it in the mods folder in STEP THREE. Two Methods:Downloading a Mod or Hack Downloading Custom Content Community QA.IF THE FILE IS A .PACKAGE FILE OR A .BAK FILE: Put it into the Sims 2 "Downloads" folder. I got a few meshes by Liana from the Sims 2 Resource. I put them in the Downloads folder.Im running Double Deluxe with no extra expansions, just Nightlife and Celebration obviously. Ive got custom content turn ON. I extracted some Sims 3 paintings and made them useful for Sims 2 players. The medium paintings are just .jpeg images which can be used as custom paintings if you have Free Time EP. Do not put these images in your Downloads folders! So you wanna take on putting your own custom content into the Sims 4 game!Another cool trick is to have green screen walls in game for filming cool scenes. Note: Making a working folder for all your clips is a good idea. To install the mods and custom content using .package files : Create a folder called Mods under My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/ create a text file with notepad and put the lines below SO is the Download folder called something else, or do i put my downloads in another folder or what? lol its prob a silly question but yeahIt doesnt come with the game you have to create it the first time you want to install custom content of some kind.

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