explain why (a x b) x (c x d) and a x (b x c) x d are not the same





explain why cubic equations possess either one real root or three real roots use synthetic division to locate roots when one root is known nd approximateSo although there are three factors, they are all the same and we only have a single solution x 1. The corresponding curve is y x3 3x2 3x 1 (B) must yield different values. (C) may or may not yield the same value.52 AC05 Programming Problem Solving Through C AC06 Data Structures Q.44 Why operator is not used with array names in a scanf statement? 3. Explain why the relation shown in the table is not a function. Use the words input and output in your explanation. Lesson 5-2.x 12345. c. Lauras brother also opened a savings account with 200, but his monthly deposit is not the same as Lauras. Get Free Puzzle Updates. Similar Puzzles. If a b c d a x b x c d Then what is the value of a, b C, when a, b c have different values.If abcde1 and a,b,c,d and e are all positive real numbers then what is the minimum value of a bcde? Consider the following: Claim: For any sets A and B, if for all x A, x 0 and A B, then for all x B, x 0. Proof: Let A and B be arbitrary sets.(2) If the above proof is valid, explain why. Is that how you would have written a proof? Make sure you can explain why these four statements all say the same thing and how each relates to the mod spiral and clock arithmetic. Why is the symbol used instead of an equal sign, ? Examples: Which statements are true and which are not true? What would be the answer to: (x-a)(x-b)(x-c)(x-d)(x-e)(x-y)(x-z)?Are any of them multiples of any of the others? If they are all different, and are not multiples of each other, then we can look for a pattern by starting small and working our way up 1. 1. Once a segment is full a new segment is created within the same heap, so a heap can have many small object heap segments and many large object heap segments but the number of .net heaps will not change during the life of the process.Could you explain why? Thanks, Michal. a) Explain why this is the same as8-0.5547 E-t, -0.

83205 E-t<. Stay with the same matrix A and write down formulas for the solutions 8 xtD, ytD< of the linear system. Explain. b. Is B A?c. The set of all x in U such that x is in A and x is not in B. Shorthand notation: A B. To distribute fully you should get (AxB)U(AxC)U(BxC)U(BxD). You are making the exact same mistake as multiplying binomials (ab)(cd) to get just acbd instead of the correct acadbcbd.

How do you explain A/(B/C) A/B C? Explain why Yes or No.You can put this solution on YOUR website! Only C is not a function. It fails the vertical line test. Those dot products are the same x1 and x2 x1 and x3 x2 that we wrote in equation (4). The newC x D 0 has many solutions. 5. This section is looking ahead to key ideas, not fully explained yet.Why is that plane perpendicular to x? 8 Moving to a 4 by 4 difference equation Ax D b, nd the four Note: The above geometrical application also provides a condition that three given vectors, a, b and c lie in the same plane that is, they are coplanar.Consequently, (a x b) x c, which is the same as c x (a x b), will lie in the plane of a and b. Explain why or why not. Use what you learned about simplifying algebraic expressions to complete Exercises 1214 on page 68.Like terms are terms that have the same variables raised to the same exponents. A term without a variable, such as 4, is called a constant. Answer: Explanation. Explain in detailYou can write g(x)abs(x-b)abs(x-d) as a piecewise function in the same way.Why did European countries compete for colonies in Central Africa and East Africa? 15. We have assumed in the notes above that if two polynomials P (x) and Q( x) are equal for all values of x (that is, if their graphs are the same), then their degrees are equal and their corresponding coecients are equal. Here is a proof using calculus. (a) Explain why substituting x 0 proves that Explain why each is discontinuous at x a, and determine the type of discontinuity.550. A particle is moving along the graph of y x. At what point on the curve are the x-coordinate and y-coordinate of the particle changing at the same rate? (15 points.) True or False? Explain why!Answer: The function f is not injective because for instance it maps 1 and 1.5 (and any other point in [1, 2)) to the same number, namely 1. The function f is not surjective because, as we already saw, no element in its range is divisible by 2 and so 4, for instance tHinK a 1 Use the vertical line test to explain why. the graph is of a function. 2 State the type of correspondence.Consider the function f(x) 5x. a Evaluate f(2). b On the same set of axes sketch the graphs of y 5 x, y 5x and y 5x. c Express y 5x in an equivalent form. Product in each case is ABCD so they look the same to me. No clue. Perhaps someone else will know? I can say that the above proof strategy will work for any number of variables in the same form (ABCDEFG why? The data of the problem are b, c, and A. Using the same information, we can write down a new LP.(The next paragraph explains why.) You know how to write the dual of any LP written in the form Section 5.4 p244 Problem 1. In each part, explain why the given vectors do not form a basis for the indicated vector space.(b) One method is to follow the same procedure as for (a). The solutions for the equation x y 0 can be described by.

See also "taxicab numbers" (the name comes from the same story) the limit n100000 will find Ta(2), Ta(3)I did not know how to add code and text, so I explained it in comments in the code. I will try to makeWhy is scientism philosophically wrong? Hermitian matrix? Why is root security enforced but Problem 14: In each part explain why [f (x)] is a unit in F [x]/(p(x)) and nd its inverse. Since every non-zero element of Q( 3) has a multiplicative inverse since a2 3 b2 0 for any. rational numbers a and b. Since all of a, b, c and d are negative integers, only that term which hass an even power can be positive. Hence, the absolute value of at least one of a, b, c or d is even. Hence, a X b X c X d is also even. Functions Acting on Sets. Let X andY be sets, let F : X Y be a function and A X and B X, then F(A B) F(A) F(B). ProofOne-to-One and Onto for Finite Sets. Let X andY be finite sets with the same number of elements and suppose f is a function from X toY . Question 1. If 26, 25, 24,3, 2, 1 are the position of the alphabets Z, Y, X, C, B, A, respectively and each alphabet has a value which equals the position of thatSolution : We have to find the sums of the products in (X-a)(X-b)(X-c ).(X-y)(X-z)where X is a variable and a, b, c, d.z are constants. Solution: This equation contains a single exponential, 5 x. (Notice that the number 2 is not part of it!) To isolate the exponential, subtract 3 and then divide by 2 on both sides of the equation.Exponential equations of the form a b x c d x. Explain why A B C and ( A B ) C are not the same.DEFINITION 1 Let A and B be sets. The union of the sets A and B , denoted by A B , is the set that contains those elements that are either in A or in B , or in both. 2). Can you also explain why adenine does not base-pair with cytosine. and why thymine does not base-pair with guanine? Answer: Hydrogen bonding, which holds the two DNA strands together, determines which nucleotides will form complementary base-pairs. Occasionally, however, Maple needs to be told explicitly that the entries of a matrix are real numbers since the algorithms used for calculating with integers and real numbers often are not the same.5. Calculate the products AB and B A of the matrices A and B in Exercise 3. Explain why AB B A. Yes if both powersets are the same then each set contains the same elements.The Cartesian Product A x B consists of all ordered of the form (a, b) where a is from set A ( math class at ODU) and b is from set B ( math professor at ODU). as the same in P are actually made equal (literally identical) in Q P/ . Our goal is to prove that Q is a realization of the continuum (ie, that it satises the three axioms of a continuum).If X is a rational number, we may choose a representative (a, b) P for X, meaning that [(a, b)] X. Let Y be another 2. Given a surface z f (x, y), and a point P (a, b, c) on that surface, explain why (a) the vector [fx(a, b), fy(a, b)] is perpendicular to the curve f ( x, y) c (b)7. You have seen that equations of the form f (x, y) k dene level curves of function f . In the same way, equations of the form g(x, y, z) k dene In other words, in this case, Cardanos method and Lagranges method compute exactly the same things, up to a factor of three in the auxiliary variables, the main difference being that Lagranges method explains why thesef ( x ) a x 3 b x 2 c x d displaystyle f(x)ax3bx2cxd . ishm, do not answer the same question twice in the archive. Answers to multiple choice questions are listed here. For more detailed explanations, see the next section it should help you figure out why any of your answers(a) is correct. It says that if you make three selections and come up with an apple each time, youve selected the same apple (at least) twice. 00, find each of the following limits. If the limit does not exist, explain why. (a) lim f x (b) lim f x (c) lim f x.(d) The slopes of the tangent lines at p 15 and p 30 are not the same. Explain what this means to the company selling the books. He wants to enlarge the area to 4.5 times its current area by increasing the length and width by the same amount. a. Draw a diagram to represent the situation. b. Write a polynomial equation for the area of the new corral.If it is not a polynomial in one variable, explain why. Rewrite each expression replacing variables with their values and then evaluate, if possible. If evaluation is not possible, explain why it is not possible.Explain why you did not get the same result. The same tiles not shaded represent negative quantities. Example. Use the distributive property to determine the product of (2a 4) and (a2 5a 7).7 - - - 72. - -- b) Write two binomials and their equivalent trinomial to explain why the totals in Table A are equal to the totals in Table B. Question: Explain why (A x B) x (C x D) and A x (B x C) x D are not the same.The following code fragment will not compile. Why?if !x > x y x 2 xelse x x 3 A: See answer. Introduction to Algorithms (2nd Edition). lets rewrite the equation so as to better understand why this equation is true If both the numerator and the denominator are the same in a fraction, then that fraction is equivalent to 1. So we can rewrite the equation as such. Explain why the number of solutions to the equation i j k n with i A, j B and k C is equal to the coecient of xn in the power series a(x)b(x)c(x ). 3. Did the A algorithm nd the optimal path in the previous example? If it did nd the optimal path, explain why you would expect that.11. There are no two adjacent countries have the same color. 12. All blocks supported by blocks that have been moved have also been moved. [Hint: The answers for (b), (c), and (d) are almost exactly the same!](c) Explain why the results in previous questions do not contradict the fact that both HAMIL-TONIANCYCLE and HAMILTONIANPATH are NP-complete problems. Determine the local maxima and minima of f (x). d) Determine f(x). Graph f( x) on the same set of axes as f (x) and f(x). e) Compare f(x) and f(x) to f4. R e f l e c t Explain why f (x) is not defined at x 0. Explain why the y-value. gets very large and positive as x approaches zero from the right, and large. Anyone know how to do this? List the members of the these sets: a. x | x is a real number such as x2 1 b. x | x is a positive integer less than 12 c. x | x is the square of an integer and x < 100 d. x | x is an integer such that x2 2.

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